Dads – Brush Your Teeth ;)

Some of you may already be familiar with both the band Dads and also the record Brush Your Teeth ;). If, like me, you’re a devotee of various music blogs that push obscure stuff I’d never have heard of outside without the aid of TOS-abusing blogspot and tumblr writers, you may be familiar with twinkly […]

Colonics – 1.0 (digital EP)

As long-term readers of NFI will know I’m all about full disclosure (I do try and stop short of TMI, of course). So upfront I’ll admit that being asked to review 1.0 involves a bit of a conflict of interest because Brighton’s Colonics are all good friends of mine. I’ve known all three of them […]

Cain Marko – At Sea

Huh. It turns out that Cain Marko is the real name of The X-Men’s Juggernaught. You know, the big dude who is pretty much unstoppable and was unconvincingly played by Vinnie Jones a few years back. It’s not exactly the reference I was expecting from the name of a band trading in big, buzzy anthemic […]

Mala In Se – self-titled

Although extrapolating from anecdotal, personally-experienced trends is pretty much a big no-no, I have to say that of all of the punk and hardcore records I’ve been sent for review so far this year, very few have been lyrically concerned with the world around them except as metaphor. They’ve mostly been introspective rather than outward-looking. […]

Tin Horn Prayer – Get Busy Dying

Has the patch of ground on which country and punk hybrids grow always been this fertile? Perhaps it’s just a side effect of getting deeper into the music reviewing gig, and being sent records by US PRs that I wouldn’t otherwise come across, but it sure seems like there are a lot more of them […]

Cattle Drums – The Boy Kisser Sessions + 3

There are a couple of moments in Cattle Drums’ The Boy Kisser Sessions + 3 that punch me in the face and force me to pay attention. The problem – this isn’t really a problem – is that these moments are the band at their most conventional, and there’s a lot more to them than […]

Wagers – New Guilt

Hailing from Brooklyn, Wagers play upbeat melodic punk rock – poppy and rich with simple hooks, but not blandly slick. New Guilt is, as far as I can see, their first record, and it’s a pretty solid release. The production strikes a good balance between polish and allowing the band’s faintly 70s fuzz enough room […]

Mixtapes – A Short Collection of Short Songs

You may remember Mixtapes from my review of their split with Milwaukee’s Direct Hit!, about which I said: “…the least convincing band rivalry since Radon burned that church down and Bad Religion wrote them a really stern letter.” Hey, go check out their joint video if that has you curious! So, since then the boys and girl in […]

Medicine8 – Mercury Injection b/w R.M.P.O (single)

UK-based Medicine8 are described as “a maverick alt acid house duo”; this leaves me in a bit of a tricky position. Let me lay my cards out. I know pretty much fuck-all about acid house and indeed house music in general; I know acid house had a big influence on the UK rave scene (my […]

Transit – Keep This To Yourself (album)

My initial impressions of Boston outfit Transit’s second album were not positive: whilst I’m not familiar with their past output I am all too familiar with glossy but derivative punk rock. It’s unfair to judge a band before you’ve given them a thorough chance, of course, but I’ve heard enough identikit songs from identikit bands […]