The Plurals – The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective

Apparently The Plurals have been pushing their brand of noise-pop — dubbed “post-fun” by the band — since about 2004. From the info online I’ve got no idea how many records they’ve released. A whole bunch of EPs according to I’m not sure whether The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective is a […]

Rolo Tomassi / Antares – split 7”

Here we have an unpretentiously packaged record; just a plastic sleeve with a piece of wax inside. (Although, yes, there are the obligatory different colours for the weenil nerds. I think I got the clear one. Does it matter?) Eschewing artwork and liner notes and letting the music speak for itself. Admirable. So what does […]

Shuteye Unison – Our Future Selves

Is it a cliché to compare a band playing texturally dense indie rock with rich power-pop melodies to Broken Social Scene, or is that just a side effect of the sound being so dominated by a band of significant stature? Well, the comparison certainly stands, as do comparisons to more straightforward and hooky shoegaze-lite indie rockers like […]

By Surprise – Mountain Smashers

There’s something enduringly whimsical about Mountain Smashers, the first album from New Jersey quartet By Surprise. Possibly it’s the recurrent references to Douglas Adam, something which as an Englishman I’m most likely genetically predisposed to find endearing. Or perhaps it’s the laid-back literary air of the album; as well as Doug Adams there are overt […]

One Win Choice – Conveyor

A five-piece hailing from Philadelphia, One Win Choice won’t be winning prizes for breaking new ground. You’ve heard this before if you’ve listened to Strike Anywhere, Comeback Kid, Rise Against, Boysetsfire, and so on. Think throaty tough-edged melodic hardcore with a socio-political bent to the lyrics and you’re pretty much there. But the really pressing […]

Plantagenet 3 – Modern Myths and Fairy Tales

There’s something about instrumental bands and three-pieces; I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps more members than that tends to clutter things. And clutter is something that London’s Plantagenet 3 eschew: their spare, minimalist compositions are clean and precise, though they lean towards fluidity rather than the starkness of math-rock. On early listens I found […]

The Static Age – In the City of Wandering Lights

It’s been about a year since I last had a listen to the swirling new wave-ish sounds of Vermont’s The Static Age – I reviewed their EP i/o here – and at the time I wasn’t wholly convinced. Although the band had a knack for lush, dreamy pop melodies I found that for the most […]

The Fucking Cops – Fuck You Up With Some Truth EP

From a name like The Fucked Cops you might expect a DIY hardcore punk ragefest, particularly when they release an EP under the name Fuck You Up With Some Truth. It’s very ‘speak truth to power’, huh? In fact what you get is a collection of melodic, hooky pop-punk and a bundle of contributions from […]

Nothing Amazing Happens Here – Highly Conceptual Performance Art (digital EP)

Brooklyn-based D.I.Y. duo Nothing Amazing Happens Here are, without a doubt, my favourite band named for a FLCL reference. Two provisos: I hope it’s a FLCL reference, and I admit they’re the only band I know who might take their name from that awesome OVA. (Actually I just noticed that their Bandcamp page has a […]

Gray Young – Staysail

You remember those teeny, tiny little reviews you tend to find in big glossy music mags and dense zines? The 50-or-so word reviews that are all that can be crammed into the space available: dozens of records covered per page. An entire record compressed into less than a square inch. I’ve never really gotten on […]