The Ergon Carousel – Dead Banks (album)

When faced with grind as ridiculously fast as this, the reviewer has a few options open to him or her. The first is to plump for abstract or ridiculous analogies and hyperbole: Paint-blisteringly fast, The Ergon Carousel are punching you in the face ten thousand times a minute with their unstoppably intense hyperspeed velocity noisecore. GRRind! […]

Hold Tight – Can’t Take This Away (album)

It’s safe to say that Hold Tight! are deeply embedded in the contemporary US punk rock aesthetic, from trivial markers like the exclamation mark in their name (seriously, those have been a thing for a while now) through the endearingly sloppy qualities of the vocals all the way to the way the band string together their […]

Slabdragger – Regress (album)

Slabdragger play music that belongs firmly in the “as fuck” category. You know: loud as fuck. Heavy as fuck. Sludge as fuck. Stoner as fuck. In fact, I’m kinda bummed that I’m not writing this review whilst baked out of my mind, but in fairness taht cluoc krow tuo yldab rof uoy ,eht redaer. So yeah, […]

Protected Left – Songs of the Doomed (EP)

Hailing from Michigan’s Grand Rapids and the fantastically named Kalamazoo, Protected Left play fast-paced melodic hardcore punk rock. They’re far from alone in this, but it’s hard to deny that they do it well. Take opener ‘Nightmare’, driven by an almost unrelenting punk drumbeat (you know, whacking the snares on the 2nd and 4th beat… you […]

Antillectual – Start From Scratch (album)

Dutch outfit Antillectual recently lost their bassist, Tim van Tol, so I’d guess that Start from Scratch is the last record on which he’ll play. It’s a shame but the band have been around since 2000 and changes to line-up are hardly going to stop them at this point. The band hail from the Netherlands – Nijmegen / […]

The Border Surrender – Lean Season (EP)

Although I’ve written about London’s The Border Surrender before, it was a review of a digital single so I’ve only heard the one track. It was a doozy, though: “an elaborate song that builds up and pulls back with relaxed restraint, supported throughout by a simple hooky bassline and soft vocals.” The four songs present on […]

Diamonds – Crystal Ravens (mini-album)

It’s only a few months since Diamonds last graced Nostalgia For Infinity; you may recall this review of the An Introduction EP. Crystal Ravens is their first official release and is also the debut release for label Allegiance Records. I’ll refresh your memory: Diamonds play a distinct and distinctly oddball style of music that draws on disco-punk, powerviolence […]

Grazes – Myths (7″)

When I was sent this record to review I was told that the band didn’t really know what they sound like. I can sympathise; it’s pretty difficult to describe your own music. I figure this is because when you’re playing them, you think of songs as being built out of riffs and licks and beats […]

Monument – Goes Canoeing (album)

It strikes me as a little weird that so many offshoots of punk and hardcore music – the diverse subgenres that sprouted in the creative and open environment of 80s and 90s independent music – come back to root in pop-punk. Equally it’s not weird at all; it takes a hard-edged person to dislike the […]

SWTHRT – Compact Disc

Late last year I reviewed Tears in my Beer, an album from the lo-fi band Museum Mouth. Band member Karl Kuehn is a busy man; Museum Mouth remain a going concern but he is also collaborating with keyboardist Becca High as SWTHRT. Compact Disc is the result. Stylistically the two projects are highly distinct, although […]