Snowing – I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted

I first heard of Snowing when my friend Jay mentioned them at the top of a list of noodly emo/punk-style outfits I should check out; this was back in 2009 when I’d started getting into outfits like Castevet and Grown Ups. Snowing sounded like major movers and shakers in the scene from what he was saying and I […]

The Gateway District – Perfect’s Gonna Fail (album)

Oh boy. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to write about a record because you could so easily sum up your thoughts in a single sentence. That sentence: if you like Dear Landlord, Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot and The Soviettes then you will also like this. Dead simple huh? Gateway District features current or ex-members of […]

Restorations – self-titled 12″

The press release for Philly’s Restorations’ self-titled LP paraphrases reviews of an older EP, stating that the band make music for “grown-up punks”. This is kind of amusing. Firstly, old punks don’t die. They just smell that way. Secondly, punk’s not dead, but Reagan is. Thirdly, “grown-up” is a child’s phrase, surely? But it is also […]

Warren Franklin – Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest

Although it’s not particularly evident from the songs present on Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest, Warren Franklin appears to be a man who virtually lives on the road. Every description I’ve seen of this solo musician describes him as someone happiest when playing in a club, bedroom, basement, or sleeping in the back of […]

The Wild – A Collection (album)

Cool kids, and uncool kids too, may be familiar with Atlanta’s The Wild. They’ve been kicking around for a few years now, touring pretty hard around the US in the process (“We are five friends having a great time playing music together… We all feel the best when we are traveling together and getting to […]

The Atolls – self-titled (EP)

Remember a few years back when two-piece rocks outfits were all the rage? Of course you do! We had Blood Red Shoes, No Age, P.S. I Love You, er… Tenacious D. And before that the White Stripes, the Black Keys, and Death From Above 1979 (who loved it so much they had to come back […]

Early & Often – Present No Fiction, Fear No Tense (EP)

Both shoehaze and post-rock can be funny things. At times they can strike you with tremendous force, with alternately minimalist or convoluted compositions somehow contriving to carry huge emotional impact. At other time you can listen to something and find it perfectly enjoyable but have effectively nothing interesting to say about it. So it is […]

Velvet Coast – The Letter from Private (EP)

Following on from last week’s review of Hound’s We Will Never Sleep EP, here’s the second offering from Seoul-based Realize Records: The Letter from Private by Velvet Coast. As with Hound I don’t really know anything about Velvet Coast themselves; for both bands I tried to google up a little information to try and provide more context, […]

Hound – We Will Never Sleep (EP)

I was contacted a few month’s ago by South Korean label Realize Records, who described themselves as covering punk, metal, rock, grunge, hardcore and more. If that sounds like a lot for one label to cover, it’s because the region doesn’t have the largest subcultural music scenes, so those bands that there are tend to […]

The American Scene – By Way of Introduction (album)

Although I’m still a long way from really understanding the way that psychology and geography are often linked in terms of the creative output of certain areas of the US, I still like to think I have a decent ability to guess where US bands playing certain styles of music hail from. In the case […]