Music Review: The Ergs – That’s It… Bye 7″

Goodbye kisses should always come as sweet as this. A 12″ that should’ve been a 7″ (pressing problems, I hear) boasting three killer tunes that are as good as anything on the cult classic Dorkrockcorkrod, plus some excellent sleeve art from Mitch Clem (the Pushead of pop-punk). The Ergs have been rocking their take on […]

Demo review: The Silence + Truly Beautiful Disaster

A couple of months ago I was contacted by London masked electro duo Truly Beautiful Disaster and Brighton’s grungey alt rockers The Silence in the hopes of a bit of publicity (well, so I assume). I’m still figuring out my policy on reviewing demos or unsolicited submissions but I think it’ll be along the lines […]

A Year in Music: Shaun’s best of 2008

I’m not going to pretend these are the best records of 2008. I’ve only heard a tiny fraction of what’s come out, and I listen for pleasure – not to pick out something unique, evolutionary, or a “generational lightning rod” (source: the Observer, predictably). No doubt next year I’ll hear something I missed that will […]