Campaign – Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! (EP)

When I last reviewed Atlanta’s Campaign – all the way back in the heady days of last June, a time I’m sure we all remember fondly through the haze of distance and nostalgia – I noted that the five-piece were clearly intent on reliving the legacy of Gainesville heroes Hot Water Music and the other […]

Captain, We’re Sinking – With Joe Riley (EP)

It’s impossible to mention either Captain, We’re Sinking and the Menzingers (reviewed here) in the same sentence without acknowledging the tight relationship between the two bands. They not only share a hometown – Scranton, Pennsylvania – they also share a genuine bro-bond through the former’s Bobby Barnett and the latter’s Greg Barnett. Scranton isn’t a […]

Dolcim – We Carry the Fire (12″ LP)

We Carry the Fire opens with an extensive sample from the 1938 radio broadcast of Wells’ War of the Worlds; the excerpt¬†concerns ground zero for the Martian invasion, the small town of Grover’s Mill. All but one of the other tracks on this record are named for persons, their age and occupation. The obvious assumption […]

The Reptilian – Full Health (EP)

Kalamazoo. What a place to live that must be. The name just rolls off the tongue: Kalamazoo. According to Wikipedia the name is derived from an old Potawatomi word; a Native American tribe from the area around Lake Michigan. Kalamazoo. The closest I can get to that is the crappy kazoo I bought to irritate […]

Boy Mandeville – Mo Skrib EP

Long-term readers of Nostalgia For Infinity may remember London’s Boy Mandeville from last June when I reviewed their single, Christina/Raisin Snake. The four-piece have now returned with a self-released 4-track EP, titled Mo Skrib. What’s the title a reference to? Buggered if I know: I’ve got no theories this time around. Anyway, the songs on […]

Into It. Over It & Pswingset – split 7″

This is the second of two Into It. Over It split releases I’ve reviewed this week; you can find the first review here. At the start of that review I riffed a little on the slightly daft names the two bands had. Well, Pswingset are upholding that tradition in their own way: the “P” in […]

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) & Into It. Over It. split 7″

I suppose that, after sixty years of rock & roll and hundreds of thousands of bands, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that band names are getting increasingly convoluted, improbably, ridiculous, referential or just plain odd. As names go, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) just about manages to flow nicely although I had […]

Babies Three – self-titled LP

Long-term fans of British DIY hardcore may remember Margate’s Babies Three, who were about between ’99 and ’04 and released a handful of records before briefly changing their name and splitting up. I never got to see them but they toured Europe with Yaphet Kotto and Song of Zarathustra, which is pretty fucking badass. So, […]

…And So I Watch You From Afar – Straight Through The Sun (7″ single)

I’ve been pretty keen on Dublin’s …And So I Watch You From Afar since catching them at This Ain’t No Picnic back in’08. For those not in the know they play instrumental post-rock that’s typically energetic and approachable.¬†Straight Through the Sun is their latest release on STA records and is a teaser for their imminent […]

Mountains For Clouds – Some People Buy Scenery Like This (EP)

Chicago-based three-piece Mountains for Clouds are a good band to listen to after a hard day at work and an evening spent writing, and you can trust that I’m speaking from experience there. This, as far as I know, is the first EP from the outfit although they did previously play together under the less […]