Gig review: Fucked Up, Let’s Wrestle @ Brighton Freebutt

My review of Canadian hardcore punk outfit Fucked Up has gone live over at the Dreaded Press – check it out. That’s my first live music review in some time… I think since I wrote a short review of Zettasaur and others when I started this blog. Before that? Shitty student newspaper reviews, dating from […]

Gig Review: Silent Front / Chick Peas / Zettasaur

Bands: Silent Front / Chick Peas / Zettasaur Date: 30th July 2007 Venue: The Greenhouse Effect, Brighton Promoter: Tatty Seaside Town This was an unexpected gig: partway through the day I was sent a text asking if I was up for coming down. Cue a quick poke about MySpace and an ensuant “yeah, sure.” How […]