On games’ cultural status


That’s our simplistic view of this idea, “Oh, well, that’s what these high-status works are about. They are about serious topics and serious themes.”

On games journalism

Don't Die

“A great deal of features writing about videogames is concerned and distracted with thesis-level interpretations. But wanting to read and write about the truth is more basic, and should be more accessible. It still isn’t.”

The Games of 2016

Arcadian Invaders

A man who used to write about games a lot has played some games he thought were pretty good. Here you can read about what those games were and why he thought they were good. Maybe you can then play them yourself, or tell him why he’s wrong.

Thumper Ain’t No Flow Game


“The elephantine space-beetle in the room when it comes to Thumper is how hard it is. So yes, we need to talk about difficulty.”

Post-Mortem: Rumours & Hearsay

photo of post mortem photography

“I wouldn’t call myself an experienced writer of fiction, but I’ve certainly had more practice at it than I have at making Twine games. That’s why I decided to write one and why this post-mortem is going to be fairly self-critical.”

I do too still write about games

Minecraft World

Oh, sure, you write about *one* game. Good job promoting the vibrant parts of video game culture, dick.

Occasionally I do actually write things

Interzone 260 cover clip

I’ve been absolutely terrible lately at bigging up any of the writing I’ve been doing. Fortunately, I have genuinely exciting news! Time to grab the doldrums by the metaphorical shoulders, fling them into the seat of a jalopy and kick it down the hill, all the while screaming “SOMETHING IS HAPPENING”.

Game Dev Diary #2 – actual progress

Unreal Engine 4 blueprint editor

Choosing the Unreal editor over Unity and why that decision was made; deciding on a source control system; nearing our first development milestone and what that has involved.

Game Dev Diary #1 – early days & false starts

Unity Editor screenshot

Part one in a probably endless occasional series, documenting the extraordinarily slow process of developing a game when you’re already working full time.

Why hello there, 2015

Memory Insufficient & RPS cover shots

A new year makes for a clean slate.

That’s the sort of thing I tell myself when I begin to feel bad about still being awake, watching terrible films, in the very smallest hours of the morning.