F3: She Dances

Just a throwaway piece this week, I’m afraid. I was hoping to write something better but I’ve been busy elsewhere: my PC now has a shiny new motherboard and PSU, I have another book review almost ready to post, and I’ve been planning my novel for NaNoWriMo. Well, I say “planning”, but I really mean […]

F3: Slip It In

Has it really been three weeks since I last posted Friday flash? Time flies, I guess. I’ve been working on this one for a couple of weeks now, intending to post it each week, but never quite getting the time to finish it off. But now I have! Stories have happy endings after all, it […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Satisfaction

Here’s this week’s flash fiction. Unfortunately this one is a bit of rush job, which is a shame as the idea is more promising than what I’ve done with it. The story began as an attempt to engage with this post and subsequent discussion. I suspect I may have been too literal and drifted off […]

Friday Flash Fiction: I Am Colony

Since I missed out on the theme the week before last, I decided that my story this week should fit the bill. Better late than never, after all, and I am fairly good at being late.

Friday Flash Fiction: Grey Matter

I missed out on the flash party last Friday, but here’s a story I’ve been working on all week that I think quite fondly of. Hope you like it as well. (Note: I’ve just found out that the FFFFacebook group has been used to establish the theme for this week, and because I’ve not checked […]

You can count on me for nothing

No Friday Flash Fiction from me this week – sorry all. I had nothing new written and didn’t, at the time, have access to any old material to use as a placeholder. It seemed sensible to skip a week instead. However, I am happy to write that my meatspace friend (and fellow Brighton NaNoWriMo participant) […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Softly Softly Catchee Monkey

A particularly tasteful glimpse of British culture in this week’s story. I thought I might be the first to (word)press this week, but it seems that writing demon Gareth L. Powell has again beaten me to it with ‘Snowball’. [ Update: the rest of the club has joined us: Gareth D. Jones ‘The Last Adam’, […]

Friday Flash Fiction: The Heart of Liberty

Another old one (late 2006) as I’m currently hosting a “throat infection party”, and some of the revellers are refusing to leave. .

Friday Flash Fiction: Art Show

It’s late. There were mitigating circumstances (that is, I’m fairly unreliable). This was a quick jobby written whilst reading Our Biotech Future by Freeman Dyson. .

Friday Flash Fiction: O Radiance, O Blessed Light

Two weeks on the trot – who’d have expected it from someone as slack as me. Other participants this week include Gareth Lyn Powell, Martin McGrath and Gareth D. Jones. Anyone else? Since the Velcro City Tourist Board is currently down, there’s sadly nothing from Paul Raven this week. [Edit: I’ve just found Neil Beynon.] […]