F3: This Urban Aesthetic

I may be running out of small conversational gambits with which to open my F3 posts. I suppose I could just launch straight into the story, but then I’d have to think of a new place to put the More tag. Hmm, this is a tricky one and no mistake. Fortunately I’ve gotten four sentences […]

We Like the Shiny

I was waiting to post about this until this page was updated, but it’s been a week now. So feh. I am lacking an adjective for exactly how proud I am that my flash fiction story, ‘Grey Matter’, has been nominated for a BSFA Award. It’s one of a dozen short fiction nominations Martin McGrath […]

F3: Human Interest Story

I have a great idea for something a small group of SF writers could do. Basically, every week, on a Sunday, we post one piece of flash fict– yeah, so you see where I’m going with that. Unfortunately I missed Friday’s deadline due to the dayjob keeping me busy during the day and leaving me […]

F3: Wait For It

Not: yet. Day: long. Author: tired. Coming: tomorrow.

F3: The Future’s Bright – The Future’s Trivial

For some reason, my desire to write on a Friday evening is limited. I should write these things on Thursday. But is that cheating? So here’s my first piece of 2008: enjoy. .

F3: ‘Farewell!’ Sings the Swarm

This month’s theme is sticking to deadlines. .

F3: Terminator

Check this shit out: it’s Friday and I’m posting Flash Fiction! Please excuse me if I preen a little. I don’t seem to spend much time on this wagon. This week’s story isn’t about a time-travelling death-dealing robot, although it is SF. Enjoy. .

F3: Brighton After the Bomb (excerpt)

Once again I’m late to the party, but I’m sure that by now we’ve all come to terms with this. This week I’ve been busy working on a story for my Orbiter writing group, which means that I’ve got no flash fiction for you. Instead I offer up a short excerpt from ‘Brighton After the […]

F3: Vote Now!

This one is a little obvious and hurriedly written – sorry guys. I’ve got a few more interesting ideas jotted down but they’d all require a bit more time than I seem to have been left with. Hope you find something to like in this black-humoured piece. (Edit: Apparently Safari 3 doesn’t like the WordPress […]

F2: Half-Day of the Dead

Do you see what I did there? Friday Fiction: F2. No flash for you this week. I was going to post this up last Friday to capture some of that ghoulish Halloween spirit, but this was prevented by computer problems. (In fact, you’re mainly seeing this now because I retrieved it from a sent items […]