Illuminations: an anthology of updates

It seems that you can now buy Illuminations from Blackwell and WH Smiths, which is cool as it may generate a few more sales. We’re not on Amazon though. Probably something to do with that £2 markup on small presses. Fuckers. As ever, the best place to buy a copy is from Odd Two Out, […]

F3: My Mother the Robot

Whoops – went slightly over the word count with this one. It’s just shy of 1,200 words. Hope you enjoy! And make sure you check out the rest of the gang (Neil Beynon has posted a piece, and we may yet see something from Gareth Lyn Powell, Paul Raven, Martin McGrath, Gareth D. Jones, Justin […]

F3: Excerpts from Eastercon

As previously mentioned our panel on flash fiction involved us all writing our own pieces of flash. Since we were basically writing ex nihilo I was a bit short of ideas, and so ended up writing several short pieces. The first drabble is a bit of nonsense based on one of Gareth D Jones’ potted […]

F3: Deadblogging

Well, here I am at my second Eastercon, and it’s a much larger and more intimidating affair than last year’s Contemplation. Fortunately I’ve bumped into fellow F3ers and friends Paul Raven, Gareth Powell, Martin McGrath, Neil Beynon, one Dev Agarwal (another thoroughly nice bloke), the one-man hive of industry that is Ian Whates, plus enjoyed […]

F3: Memories of Place

Late, as usual, and just a very short piece. Hey, why not go read that awesome announcement again? .

Illuminations: The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology (plugplugplug)

Odd Two Out press has announced the release of Illuminations – a new anthology showcasing original, cutting edge short fiction from eight up-and-coming young writers, including your host, who is not above stealing press releases when a bit pushed for time. Illuminations collects together the best Friday Flash Fiction posted by myself and the other […]

F3: Carry These Songs Like a Comfort Wherever You Go

I was hungover on Friday thanks to some birthday celebrations on Thursday. This meant I was faced with writing something about destroying the world, or something irredeemably melancholic. As I’m currently obsessed with the Gaslight Anthem I went with the latter. .

Today’s F3…

…will be going up either late in the evening or early tomorrow. My plans to finish it off today have been scuppered, and this evening I’m required to run around like a blue-arsed fly (behold my authentic grasp of British idiom) seeing people and a band.

F3: Sun

I put quite a bit of effort into ‘Love Story’ and ‘This Urban Aesthetic’ so I’m taking it easy this week. Still, I hope you enjoy this shorter-than-usual piece. .

F3: Love Story

Here’s my offering for this week, presented in a timely fashion no less. Don’t forget to check out the other F3ers: Gareth Lyn Powell, Paul Raven, Martin McGrath, Neil Beynon, Gareth D. Jones, Justin Pickard, Dan Pawley, newcomer Greg O’Byrne, and possibly even Ian Hocking – although his first flash may have been a one […]