F3: Our Bright Horizon

Once again I’ve tried to produce something a bit different to what I normally write. I’m not sure if it succeeds – I think I hammered it out too quickly for that – but I quite like the style at points, if nothing else. If you have a read please let me know what you […]

F3: Respawner

I suspect that this week’s celebration of one year of Friday Flash Fiction will be slightly overshadowed by Post a Rejection Letter Friday. But hey! Righteousness is right on, right? I’m afraid that this week’s submission is another last-minute piece of fiction, as today has proven to be a lengthy work day fraught with some […]

Quiet times for writing crimes

You may have noticed that, after the frenetic multiple daily posts of last week, things have quietened down a bit at NFI. It just so happened that my scheduled Neverscapes reposts coincided with a big bundle of other writing. There’s not much on the cards this week, although as usual there’ll be the del.icio.us link […]

F3: Releasing Moments

Here’s my flash fiction for the last Friday of June – I hope you enjoy it. I think it may be the first thing I’ve ever written in second person so I’ll be interested to hear if you think it works. I’ve just noticed that in exactly one month I’ll have been writing F3 for […]

F3: Skyflowers

As with so many other weeks I had a bigger, deeper piece of flash fiction on the go, but it’s unfinished and probably wants completely rewriting anyway. So instead, have something that I wrote off the cuff today. Hope you enjoy it! .

F3: Earthbound

I should probably point out that this story is partly a response to all those coming-of-age anime shows in which a teenage boy gets a giant robot to stomp about in, or discovers he has incredible ninja powers. They are usually “geniuses of hard work”, and when a battle looks bleak they just get really, […]

F3: Spaceman

I was going to write a quickie this week as I’ve got other things to work on, but apparently my fingers were full of words that needed typing. And oh god, having just finished this I’m experiencing the urge to rewrite it in the voice of Arab Strap‘s Aidan Moffat. I think this cold and […]

F3: Interdiction Zone

For your delectation, without authorial comment… .

F3: Binary Visions

I’m quite disappointed in myself. I’ve posted just a couple of pieces of flash in the last… what, four or five weeks? That’s pretty poor form (just like flash, the naysayers cry). All I can say is that I’ve been busy lately. I’m sure most of you reading this know what it’s like to have […]

F3: Turning Point

I’ve missed the last few Friday Flash Fictions, which I genuinely regret. It’s been a tough few weeks and, in all honesty, this trend is unlikely to let up any time soon. Still, I’ll try and manage at least this one post per week! This week’s story is short and bittersweet. It’s also me trying […]