F3: MySpace: 1999

This week’s Friday flash is themed, as per the suggestion of Gareth D Jones: the theme is “altered film titles”. I’ve cheated slightly because Space: 1999 was never really a film, just a hokey old TV series. But according to Wikipedia, a few feature-length pieces were cut together, so I reckon I get away with […]

F3: Total Campaign Dominance

Today I had something else planned, but my day turned out busier than expected and the week has generally been a bit fucked up. As a result I’ve quickly finished up something around an old idea; I like the concept but could have done more with it. Ah well. C’est la vie. . TOTAL CAMPAIGN […]

F3: Some Kind of Superhero

I’m determined to stick as closely as I can to doing this every week, even if it means being late. So here’s yesterday’s Friday Flash, which I finished today after waking up too late to get to London for the protest against Israel’s war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Worst. Activist. Ever. . SOME KIND […]

F3: Two Thousand and Eight

Happy new year, everyone. Here’s a fairly frivolous piece of F3 for you. Following the trend established by Gareth Jones and Neil Beynon, this piece is themed around the new year. Enjoy. .

Top 10 Flashfic of 2008

Taking my cue from Gareth L. Powell, here are my top ten Friday flash fiction stories of 2008. Our Bright Horizons – A deliberate stylistic and thematic departure from much of what I’d written before. Difficult, but fun. We’re Never Going Home! – the first of a series of latter-’08 tales with titles stolen from […]

F3: Bitterness the Star

Howdy, readers. It’s been a while. I hope you enjoy this. .

F3: Signs

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meeee. Happy birthday to me. Now here’s  some Friday flash fiction, courtesy of the birthday boy/old man. . SIGNS In one direction, the road stretches out towards a dust-hazed horizon. From the other, a walker approaches. It’s a woman, evident from the contours of […]

F3: Carried Out to the Sea

Here’s this week’s Friday flash fiction: enjoy! I think it’s thematically a bit too similar to We’re Never Going Home! I’m a bit too caught up in the musical side of my life right now for much else to penetrate; so it goes. Oh, and my good friend Greg H may be joining the F3 […]

F3: Watching the Valves

Here’s this week’s Friday Flash Fiction, a short story set in the same loose post-apocalyptic world as Sun and Interdiction Zone. This piece was inspired by a particularly chilling chapter in Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us. It could probably use some more research, but I don’t have the time before that Friday Flash postin’ […]

F3: We’re Never Going Home!

As promised, here’s this week’s Friday flash fiction. It’s unusually long; about 70 words over the 1k limit. I considered trimming a few sentences but, in the spirit of the subject matter, decided “fuck it”. The title, fact fans, is lifted from the best live/tour film you’ll ever see: Against Me!’s 2004 DVD We’re Never […]