A review of a review of a film I have not seen (Inception, 2010)

It’s so nice to see an intelligent movie for a change. I can enjoy a dumb action flick or a sentimental tear-jerker as much as the next slob, but smart movies seem really rare if you don’t really watch many movies. Critical reaction has been mixed. I like to think that all the people with […]

Triangle (2009)

This isn’t really a review so much as a “Wot I Think” – a quick run-through of some half-developed ideas and reasons why I liked or didn’t like this film. I’ve been arguing with a few friends about this movie and figured I may as well appropriate this argument for Great Justice, i.e. a post […]

Four Lions – “Fuck Mini Babybel”

Chris Morris makes his directorial debut with Four Lions, a film satirising homegrown British terrorists (and, to a lesser extent, British anti-terror efforts). It’s been eagerly awaited since its announcement several years ago, particularly by fans of Morris’s work in television and radio. Has it been worth that wait? On one level… yes. It’s a […]

DVD Review: Sealab 2021 season 1

Yup, I reviewed a DVD collection of one of Adult Swim’s dumbest comedies. Because I love it. It is deeply silly and a great deal of fun, and it was very strange to write a review of the show that treated it seriously. Still, I managed it, and you can read my review here. I […]

“We Jam Econo”

I just got done watching We Jam Econo, the 2005 documentary about 80s San Pedro punk band the Minutemen. It’s a superb film, packed full of interviews with dozens of punk and hardcore veterans enthusing about one of the most enduring and treasured bands of the US hardcore and punk scenes. Interspersed with this are […]

DVD review: The Mist (2007, Darabont)

It turns out that my review of The Mist went up last week – I was looking for it in the wrong section of the site. Sigh. Rookie error, eh? You can read the full review here. The Dragon Quest review should be appearing tomorrow.

Alternative Hugo shortlist for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

A real quick post as it’s late on Sunday evening, and cider is calling (dog bless my punk rock household): over at the inimically contrary and acerbic SF Diplomat, Jonathan McCalmont has put up an alternative shortlist for the Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) Hugo award. My vote? Well, I’ve not yet seen Sunshine, 30 […]

Zombies Can Run

I’ve got a new article / essay / opinion piece / geek screed up on Den of Geek titled ‘Zombies Can Run’. The subtitle (“why 28 Days Later is a zombie movie after all”) isn’t mine, but I think that was put there primarily to look a bit contrary and draw people in. Oh, and […]

Primeval: It’s exactly what you’d expect

(The is the first of a short series of old posts retrieved from NFI’s predecessor, Neverscapes. Look out for the remaining posts over the coming week.) So, the first series of ITV’s new dinosaur & giant bug time-travel-thriller is over and, since I was fool enough to watch all six episodes, I thought I’d offer […]