A brief extract from ‘The Taqwacores’

The following is a conversation between Yusef and Jehangir, drawn from around the middle of the novel. If you’ve not yet read my review, I’d suggest you go and do so before reading on. Or just do what you want: it’s your call. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this extract from what is quite possibly […]

Book Review: The Taqwacores (Michael Muhammad Knight)

Michael Muhammad Knight’s ‘The Taqwacores’ is a novel of unusual provenance. Originally photocopied and distributed in mosque car parks, it has since spawned a punk subculture based on the fictional taqwacore it portrayed and, if the blurb is to be believed, has been “confiscated in Malaysia, taught in numerous colleges and universities and cited as […]

Book Review: William Blum ‘Rogue State: a guide to the world’s only superpower’

Here’s a review of William Blum’s Rogue State, originally written in (I think) 2004. It’s very much a potted summary of the book rather than a critical engagement with it, but it’s interesting to look at and compare to the reviews I’m writing now.