Book Review: Nothing Nice To Say Vol. 2 (Mitch Clem)

Let me say this up front: I’m a big fan of Nothing Nice to Say, and I have been since about 2001 when I first came across the strip. It feels a little strange to say it but in many ways I’ve grown up with the strip. It’s been a substantial part of my experience […]

Changing the world with sequential punching

“Sequential punching” being my new favourite term for comic books. I’ve been meaning to write about La Muse for a few weeks now. I’ll freely admit that I’m not anywhere near as much of a comics expert as some of my friends, but the basic premise – a near-omnipotent person sets out to try and […]

Book Review: Tourniquet (Kim Lakin-Smith)

‘Tourniquet’, Kim Lakin-Smith’s debut novel, is an ambitious book. It is set in Renegade City, the rebranded-gothic British city once known as Nottingham. At some point in the city’s recent past the rock band Origin claimed it as a safe haven for “the sub-cultures of the world”; more honestly, though, Renegade City is for the […]

Book Review: Oronooko (Aphra Behn)

My review of Oronooko has gone live over at the Blog a Penguin Classic website. I initially spent some time writing a medium-length review that, I felt, struck a fine balance between accessibility and insight. Then I attempted to submit the review and discovered the 2,000 character limit. That’s 327 of my words, in this […]

Illuminations reviewed

Astute RSS readers will have noticed that Illuminations has been reviewed by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro at The Fix (disclaimer: I also review for The Fix). I think it’s a very fair and perceptive review overall, and as a contributing writer I’m particularly pleased that he devoted time and effort to every story in the anthology. There’s […]

Book Review: Futures From Nature (Ed. Henry Gee)

I’ve belatedly discovered that my review of Futures From Nature, an anthology of 100 pieces of flash fiction collected from the pages of science journal Nature, went live on the TTA Press Blog a few days ago. This review was a bit tricky to write, as you can’t devote much time to any of the […]

Book Review: Unbecoming (Mike O’Driscoll)

Unbecoming is, to the best of my knowledge, Mike O’Driscoll’s first collection, and Elastic Press have done a sterling job bringing his unflinching examinations of humanity’s sinister aspects and fears to print. Reading the thirteen stories contained within it’s obvious that O’Driscoll has been ready for a book like this for some time. A common […]

Book Review: Walthamstow Central (Ellis Sharp)

In ‘Walthamstow Central’, author Ellis Sharp pushes the boundaries of what readers have come to expect from literature. Part other-worldly police procedural, part science fiction thriller, part political diatribe, with these components alone the novel would be fascinating. But more interesting is the engagement with the artifice of the text. The lines between author and […]

Book Review: Diary of Indignities (Patrick Hughes)

I’ve been mulling this one over for a while. The review, not the book. It’s taken me quite a while to figure out how I should begin, and to establish exactly what there is for me to say. Eventually I decided this fairly rambling, conversational tone is probably the best (and, as an added bonus, […]

Book Review: Pax Britannia: Unnatural History (Jonathan Green)

(The following is a review I wrote towards the beginning of the year; after sitting on it a while, I was to see it published in Scalpel Magazine. That magazine folded before the second issue, leaving this review homeless. I’ve not succeeded in getting it placed anywhere else so it’s going up here for the […]