Review: Mervyn vs. Dennis

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Mervyn vs. Dennis, a highly entertaining page-turner about real misfits, the weirdness of human relationships and the mysteries of pineapples, is a wild ride. It is consistently funny yet somehow manages to avoid lapsing into awkward, squirm-inducing cringe comedy territory.

Review: IF THEN by Matthew De Abaitua

IF THEN cover

“IF THEN is not an easy novel, in that the experience of reading it was, for me, a constant process of triangulation and re-alignment; as a reader I never quite settled into a sense of moral surety. This in itself is an impressive achievement, though I’m unsure to what extent this was deliberate.”

Interzone #263 is out! A while back!

Interzone 263

“When Blakstad explores a little of what happens when public opinion and the internet turn on a woman, it’s genuinely discomfiting – as the judgement of misogynist internet courts demonstrably has been. His rendering of government is plausible in a The Thick of It sort of way, and his Shoreditch tech startup does read more like a coder bolthole than Nathan Barley.”

Review: Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

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“In contrast to mixtapes, Signal To Noise doesn’t rely on referencing songs and musicians to provide its emotional texture. Its characters are full of life, with all the contradictory twists and turns life implies.”

Interzone #262 is out!

Interzone 262 cover

“This issue includes my review of Haikasoru’s Hanzai Japan, a collection I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s variable, as are many anthologies, but its breadth and variety elevate it.”

Review: Twelve Tomorrows, ed. Bruce Sterling

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Bruce Sterling needs little introduction and nor does the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Twelve Tomorrows, perhaps, does.

Occasionally I do actually write things

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I’ve been absolutely terrible lately at bigging up any of the writing I’ve been doing. Fortunately, I have genuinely exciting news! Time to grab the doldrums by the metaphorical shoulders, fling them into the seat of a jalopy and kick it down the hill, all the while screaming “SOMETHING IS HAPPENING”.

I read the Void trilogy & all I got was this creepy feeling

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“…when reading fat skiffy trilogies you have to expect a certain degree of padding, so it’d be churlish of me to complain about an author including lots of sex alongside lots of pew-pew space fighting if that’s what he’s decided is cool. Where it becomes a problem for me is where sexual objectification pours off the page by the gallon, and it’s all astonishingly one-sided. I have, entirely unironically, described the Void trilogy to friends as Male Gaze: The Space Opera.”

Review: Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

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Broken Monsters is an admirable work of fiction that ticks all the right boxes for fans of crime thrillers, fantasy and SF.

Review: Defenders by Will McIntosh

Defenders cover

“This is a surprisingly emotionally engaging novel for what is essentially a cross-breed of two traditional SF tropes: the invasion of Earth and the unforeseen consequences of scientific progress.”