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Nostalgia For Infinity is Shaun C. Green’s blog and writing aggregation hole. Shaun is going to stop writing in the third person now.

I’m a guy living in Brighton & Hove, UK. Over the years I’ve variously written short stories, flash fiction and unfinished novels; videogame reviews, criticism, commentary, interviews and news; book reviews; film reviews; record reviews, gig reviews and band retrospectives; trivial list articles to help websites serve more ads; semi-comedic articles about something or nothing in particular; and this one time when I was a kid a story about a rescue helicopter that came to my school. The latter story, by the way, was rubbish. Children are terrible writers.

The name of this website is taken from a spaceship in an an Alastair Reynolds novel; a spaceship that more closely resembles a flying cathedral. I have a thing for bombastic pseudo-Gothic imagery because I was a Warhammer 40,000 nerd way back when.


For some reason I want to know more about that guy

I have a name and I am standing right here.

The Author

I was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in the 1980s. Nowadays I live in Brighton, which is a pretty cosmopolitan, progressive and creative city as Britain goes. It’s a very cool place to live, which is a nice bonus given that it costs an arm and a leg for the privilege.

At the moment I’m earning my crust splitting my time between freelance writing and freelance QA. The former is very slow going – really, I’m still building up a portfolio and getting my name out there. The latter follows a ten year career in QA so as you might imagine, opportunities are a little more numerous.

Things I like include reading novels and literary criticism, video games and the technologies and culture around them, punk rock and the associated DIY culture, other forms of music that are almost as cool as punk rock, radical progressive politics and intersectionality, anarchist and socialist politics and theory, drinking whiskey and hanging with good friends, being called on my shit, video games again, and pretending I can notice the difference since I got a decent turntable.

I run and write for the gaming website Arcadian Rhythms and play in a band called Wrecktheplacefantastic (or at least I did: we’re on extended hiatus). I also write stuff on this site, obviously. 

That is me to the right, eating a hip flask at a Halloween party. I am lazy with costumes and go as a ‘zombie punk’ most years.


So now I want to get out of here

Shaun C. Green (portfolio site)
Arcadian Rhythms
 (video games site)
WTPF Bandcamp / WTPF Facebook (my band)


Xbox Live/PSN/Steam: Shanucore

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