Shaun photoI’m a writer and QA professional who has lived in Brighton & Hove for over a decade. I previously lived in Essex, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

Over the past decade I’ve written a lot of short stories (plus a few unfinished novels), hundreds of book, album and EP reviews, and tens of thousands of words on video games. Some of this writing has been published via Micro Mart, Rock Paper Shotgun, Kill Screen Online, Interzone, Minecraft WorldMemory Insufficient, Vector, The Dreaded Press, SF Crowsnest, The Fix Online, T3A Space, Electron Dance, Yet Another Book Review, Re/Action, Shadowed Realms and the magbook How To Do Everything in Minecraft. I have run, edited and written for Arcadian Rhythms, a non-commercial games site and podcast, since February 2011.

I’ve worked in games/software testing and QA management over the same decade, from battering beta code in the testing trenches to test, project and operational management at various levels. You won’t find me writing too much about such work on here, because (1) confidentiality and (2) it’s dull to outsiders. LinkedIn has all that covered.

Alongside my writing and QA work I’ve also provided occasional services such as line editing books and proofreading academic essays (undergrad to PhD level). If you’d like to discuss work, drop me a line.

I enjoy single malt whiskey but am steadily being won round to blended malts. I played in a band called Wrecktheplacefantastic for six years, although we’ve been on hiatus since 2013 and are unlikely to play again. I make good Yorkshire puddings. When I was a kid I wanted to be an artist, although as I got older I realised I had no talent for it. These facts bear little relation to each other but I figure if you’re reading this you want to know a little about me.

(The website’s name, Nostagia For Infinity, is taken from a spaceship in an Alastair Reynolds novel. It’s a good book.)

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