Rumours & Hearsay

Month three of my participation in the Idle Fiction Jam took a somewhat unexpected turn: rather than writing a short story I opted to write a Twine game.

This proved to be more work than I expected. What I’ve completed several days after the deadline has whooshed by is about 2,000 words over the agreed limit, so I’ve technically broken two of the IFJ rules. Oops. On top of that, I wouldn’t call this version of the Twine finished – it’s a first draft, a prototype of sorts. Still, it’s what I’ve made for September.

Here’s a teeny sample:

A tall man wearing a suit stands over you, uncomfortably close. His skin has a sickly pallor and his mouth is fixed in a rictus grin.

“Hello,” he says. His eyes seem to dig into you, fixing talons into your flesh.

“My colleague and I would like a few moments of your time,” he says, gesturing to one side. You follow the indication and spot a second suit-clad man. This one’s suit is ill-fitting and the bottom button of his shirt is straining. He adjusts his tie in a vain effort to try and cover the stress point.

[[No thanks. I’m waiting for a friend.]]
[[Why not? I’ve got a few minutes to spare.]]

You can read/play the full game right here on NFI.

This is the first time I’ve made a Twine and it’s riddled with problems, so I’d be very interested in hearing what stood out for you, good or bad, if you’d care to share.

Will there be a month four? I hope so, as I’m enjoying making these, but the forum thread has fallen quiet. If nothing else I’ll write a post-mortem on ‘Rumours & Hearsay’ and publish it next week.

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