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Readers Like You

For the second month running I’ve participated in the Idle Fiction Jam, which each month proffers up an old podcast episode title and lets us interpret it as we see fit.

August’s chosen title was ‘Readers Like You’, and I wrote a science fiction story with humorous elements. Stop, wait, come back! That description sounds terrible, but I didn’t aim for it to be funny; rather, it’s an accidental byproduct of the concept.

Here’s a taster, and you can read the full story on Medium:

Clara sinks her face into her hands and sighs deeply, shudderingly. Her fingernails press into her forehead and for a moment she focuses on the pain. But it is transient; she cannot ignore this.

What a fucking ridiculous day, she thinks. And now this.

She drops her hands and opens her eyes and looks at her car. It’s parked where she left it. It’s still a battered navy blue Vauxhall Corsa. It even still has the Bagpuss plushie stuck to the rear windshield. The only thing is that it is now upside down.

Gosh, who’d overturn a car in London, eh? Probably not some kids, that’s for sure.

The title for September is ‘Rumours and Hearsay’. Let’s see if I have the wherewithal to stick with the jam for a hat-trick.

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