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I do too still write about games

Since Arcadian Rhythms joined the other ancients in their dreamless slumber, I’ve not done a great deal of writing about videogames. In truth, this has been quite refreshing.

Writing about games for five years tends to leave you in the habit of thinking about every piece of entertainment you consume as fertile ground for more writing, and encourages you to pursue the new, the novel, the idiosyncratic, or – heaven forfend! – the already popular. This is all good fun, but just playing what I want to and not expecting to do more with it than that has been quite liberating.

That said, at present I’m playing the glorious Dark Souls 3, having bought a PS4 to experience it on, er, its developers’ platform of choice, and I’ve had an idea or two I’d like to explore. With words. In writing. Maybe. Joel Goodwin has offered to let me despoil put words on his lovely website a few times now, so maybe I’ll take him up on that.

But what’s that at the opposite end of the scale to Dark Souls 3? That’s right, it’s Minecraft! An entirely different game in which you never explore dangerous, under-lit underground environments populated by dangerous creatures. Er. Wait.

The point is, and I should mention at this point that I’m a little sleep-deprived and over-caffeinated as I write this, because blogging is dead so who gives a shit, that I’ve been contributing to Minecraft World magazine since it started. Issue #12 was the last to land, which has a guide on using snapshot builds alongside my regular piece on the most entertaining Minecraft-related stuff on the web I could find (yes, I literally get paid to look at stuff on the internet that amuses me, then write about it for younguns – nice work if you can get it).

Going back over recent issues I see I’ve written about getting friendly mobs to assist you, the many uses of furnaces (under a title that is the most sideways reference to Propagandhi imaginable), and how to find and explore strongholds. I’m not sure if it’s out yet, but I also contributed a few pieces to the same publisher’s 2016 Minecraft annual, including a piece on showing off one’s epic lootz.

I don’t tend to big up this writing on my blog, primarily because I imagine that the few people reading this probably don’t care about stuff targeted at kids, but by the same token it’s represented the entirety of my commercial writing since I went back into Quality Assurance full-time in the middle of last year. It’s also a lot of fun to write, and I really hope the magazine’s readers enjoy my writing too!

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