Interzone 263

Interzone #263 is out! A while back!

I neglected to shout from the rooftops when Interzone #263 landed on my doormat, because holy crap have the last two months been interesting. I did, however, find time to read the magazine.

As usual, mosey on over to the TTA Press site to read more of what is contained within.

I was particularly fond of Alexander Marsh Freed’s Ten Confessions of Blue Mercury Addicts, by Anna Spencer’ by Alexander Marsh Freed – a mouthful of a title for a gem of a story. It’s about the new experiences explored and devised by takers of a time-altering drug called Blue Mercury, and it’s wonderful and sad. I’m also a sucker for sea monsters, so I liked Christopher Fowler’s Spine, though – ain’t it always the way – I wished for a little more here. The other stories are solid too, and it seems there’s some commonality in theme this month, with ideas of escape and finding one’s place in the world recurring in multiple tales.

You’ve also got the usual excellent staples from McCalmont, Allan, Lowe, Lee et al, and a bevy of book reviews including my take on Matthew Blakstad’s Sockpuppet. There are a few excerpts quoted on Blakstad’s site, but to read the full review, along with everything else in this issue, you’ll need to buy an issue or subscribe.


P.S. on Blakstad’s site there’s also an offer to debate me on some of the quibbles I had over the novel’s tech. I’m up for that, on the off chance you see this, Matthew, once I’ve gotten my shit together! 

P.P.S. I swear this will be the last book review I write in which I mention Nathan Barley. I can’t help it if I see that terrible cunt in so many characters these days. 

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