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Occasionally I do actually write things

I’ve been absolutely terrible lately at bigging up any of the writing I’ve been doing. Fortunately, I have genuinely exciting news! Time to grab the doldrums by the metaphorical shoulders, fling them into the seat of a jalopy and kick it down the hill, all the while screaming “SOMETHING IS HAPPENING”.

So, yes. The latest issue of Interzone, the long-running British science fiction and fantasy magazine, features a book review of The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet alongside an interview with its author, Becky Chambers. I’ve interviewed a scattering of video games folk in the past but never an author, so it was all terribly exciting and new. Fortunately Becky was a great sport and interviewing her was a lot of fun.

Interzone 260 screencapWhat did I ask her? What did I think of her book? You’ll have to read Interzone to find out. If you do so you’ll also get to enjoy short stories by Jeff Noon, Priya Sharma, John Shirley, C. A. Hawksmoor and Christien Gholson; columns from Jonathan McCalmont, Nina Allan, David Pringle and Ian Sales; coverage of cinema releases by Nick Lowe and home film releases courtesy of Tony Lee; and a range of book reviews from other splendid folk. Ordinarily I’d write something self-deprecatory here, such as “all of these folks are more interesting than me!” But that would risk selling Chambers’ novel short, so I’ll instead plump for “all of these folks are exactly as interesting as me, or categorically distinct!” Gosh, I should work in marketing.

(As may be obvious from the tone of the above, I’m quite pleased to be writing for Interzone. I’ve been reading it for almost fifteen years, since before Andy Cox took it under the wing of TTA Press, which probably speaks sufficiently as to how I feel about this magazine. If you want more, well, I reviewed an issue five years ago.)

I also continue to write for a magazine for younger folks! Younger folks who like Minecraft. Yup, I’ve been writing for Minecraft World magazine since its launch earlier in the year. My contributions have been relatively few compared to other contributors, as I’ve been working full-time in not-writing since June. Nonetheless, they are there! If you have kids who are into Minecraft, then this could be the magazine for them. I cannot speak for them. I can only write for them.

On other fronts: Arcadian Rhythms retains its holding pattern with monthly “diary” updates, in which I and occasionally another contributor casually ramble about the game-related stuff we’ve been contemplating over the past month, and I am presently working on a review of Matthew de Abaitua’s IF THEN for Vector. Other things may be in the works, but between the above, the day job, and trying to educate myself in the ways of coding and game development, I am pretty dang busy. Never has my list of things I’d like to write been so full and yet so neglected.

[Screencap of review & this post’s header image both taken from TTA Press.]

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