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Why hello there, 2015

A new year makes for a clean slate.

That’s the sort of thing I tell myself when I begin to feel bad about still being awake, watching terrible films, in the very smallest hours of the morning.

As regular visitors may have noticed, a few things have changed around the site. I’ve simplified the menus and gotten rid of the bloated old pages in favour of two simple, short select bibliographies and one short biography of yours truly. I’ve also stripped down the sidebar including removing the blogroll links. How often does anyone even look at those, anyway?

This is partly to do with conflating my old portfolio site (set up when I first stepped into the exciting world of freelancing) with this blog (set up a gazillion years ago), as maintaining both seemed a little pointless. NFI was also over-complex for a site that’s infrequently updated and doesn’t have many visitors; hopefully it being simpler and serving two roles will be better.

In actually exciting news, I’ve placed some games writing in a few venues I’d not previously published with. The most exciting of these is the mighty Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the PC gaming behemoth. I’ve been reading RPS since it was launched in 2007 and was tremendously flattered to be invited to contribute some news posts. I’ve linked to a few of those on the non-fiction bibliography page, if you’re interested, although being news stories they are inherently ephemeral.

Somewhat less ephemeral is a piece I wrote for the games history e-zine Memory Insufficient. It straddles the line between fiction and non-fiction, being an essay on video game development history in an alternate timeline where socialism and social democracy triumphed after the Great War. It was a lot of fun to write. You can find it in the latest issue.

2 Responses to “Why hello there, 2015”
  1. Rachel says:

    MY QUESTION upon reading your biography is “do you make soggy or crispy Yorkshire puddings? OR do you manage to make them so that they are both at the same time?”

  2. Shaun CG says:

    My word! Is NFI still on your RSS feeds? :)

    It’s admittedly quite a few months since I last made some, but when I did they were generally light and fluffy, soft and moist at the inner bottom and crispy around the top and outside. :)