That Broken Punk Metaphor art

A short writing update

Over the past few months I’ve been endeavouring to get my writing into some new venues and therefore before some new eyeballs. I’ve had mixed success – I’ve been doing various bits of freelance testing work to tide me over financially – but I have published a few articles and other contributions.

Minecraft magbookFirst up, I and several others contributed to How To Do Everything in Minecraft, a Dennis Publishing magbook that explains how to construct a perfectly balanced party in Dragon Age. No, of course it is about all things Minecraft. This was great fun to write for, and of course involved extensive research to confirm details and capture appropriate screengrabs.

You can preview part of the mag here, and buy it here or in whatever newsagent near you has survived the death of the high street.

I’ve also placed a number of articles with the weekly mag MicroMart. I did place a small piece with them years ago – back in 2007 I think – but over the past few months I’ve sent them about half a dozen pieces. These have covered the future of voice and gesture technology, the debate around net neutrality, what Microsoft’s DirectX 12 announcement means for users, a piece on history’s worst software bugs (it was tough to resist writing from experience, given my QA background; of course I forced myself to work from the historical record) and a round-up of technology that website owners can use to test their own work.

Recently I also placed my first article with Kill Screen, a venue I’m extremely happy to contribute to. Over the last half decade they’ve published a lot of very thoughtful and challenging writing on games, and I’m pleased to have ‘That Broken Punk Metaphor‘ appear among them.

Some superb artwork was also commissioned for the article (provided by the talented Jordan Rosenberg) – click for big:

That Broken Punk Metaphor art

The article has been shared a lot but garnered no comments, which may simply mean that my argument is so unassailable that no one dare try. So long as this also helps dissuade others from making lazy use of inappropriate metaphors, that works for me.

Finally, my writing for Arcadian Rhythms continues at a more leisurely pace than in the past. I’ve resolved to focus on pieces other than reviews, previews and the like, and try to push in a different direction. After all, people don’t tend to read small sites to find out the latest on new releases. They read small sites for material they wouldn’t find elsewhere. Most recently I’ve had a piece included in the latest Critical Distance round table (focusing on video game HCI), and published a, aha, ‘confessional’ style piece titled ‘The Making of a Dark Souls Bore’.

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