Amber (2006)

This is a very small piece of flash fiction I wrote when I first started dabbling with flash. Comparing this to my output for Friday Flash Fiction is not flattering to ‘Amber’. Still, nor is comparing the first few F3 stories to those that came later. Writing is a learning experience and that’s part of why I’m sharing old stories like ‘Amber’.



She is sitting in her car, imprisoned in her bubble of security. Bumper, crumple zones, reinforced windows. Seat belts, air bags, panic locks. Air conditioning and head restraints. FM radio with traffic and weather reports. GPS and MP3 and DVD.

She’s isolated, then and now, trapped in amber. Above her a dead sky cavorts in whirls and swirls as it spits poison and lightning. The ruins of another world sprawl about her, sometimes sealed and safe from slow decay just as she is.

I stand and move away, spitting respectfully at the wheeled tomb and its mummified occupant. Time has passed her and her people by, and this beloved security did not save them. There are few of us left now who remember the world that was. The young cannot understand what the fallen built, or how they could not stop the death of their civilization, their environment.

I look back at the tomb, its occupant and its treasures, and I decide that this terrible failure is better forgotten, lest it taint what future we have. Eventually these frozen moments of the past will crumble away, and we can continue to build our own future untroubled by these frozen memories of the dead. But while they still stand we will remember one thing: that their mistakes should never be repeated.

[‘Amber’, Shaun Green, 2006. Cover image taken from Google Image Search.]

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