Nuclear bunker

Truth (2006)

This piece of flash fiction was originally published in Shadowed Realms, an Australian e-zine associated with Brimstone Press. ‘Truth’ appeared in the last issue of the ‘zine. I don’t think I can take credit for its demise, even if in retrospect I suspect this story riffs a little too closely to Charles Stross’s excellent novelette ‘A Colder War’.



I once knew a journalist who believed heart and soul in the truth, in universal truths and justice and other such high-minded concepts. He was driven by this belief, lacking passion for other things.

Before the fall, when the great old ones came back after their aeons of slumber, he was leaked a memo describing a superweapon hidden in an old nuclear bunker complex. He sneaked in somehow, evading the military guards, but he never came out. Amidst the chaos of the following days his disappearance was forgotten.

Knowing now what I did not then, I sometimes wonder if truth gives secrets indigestion.

[‘Truth’, Shaun Green, 2006. Cover photo  © English Heritage Photo Library.]

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