Nostalgia For Infinity rides again!

NFI has been inactive for some time now; the end of 2011 saw me wrap up my music reviewing and since then only the occasional post has appeared on here. Most of my efforts have been focused on Arcadian Rhythms and Wrecktheplacefantastic.

I’ve been experiencing an urge to write fiction again, though I recognise that with my other commitments it’s unlikely that I will find the time. So in the absence of my being able to write new stories, I have decided to begin publishing the better of my old stories so that they can at least be read.

This back catalogue is quite a mix: some of them are very early efforts to write a publishable story whilst others have a little more maturity around them. Many are overly reliant on existing tropes; most have problems that, were I to try and sell them to a magazine today, I would need to fix. But the time for these stories is past and I would rather write something entirely new than revisit something between five and eight years old.

All the same, I’m proud of some of these, and among the others there are some interesting failures, so I thought it would be entertaining to put them out into the world and see what people made of them.

I’ll be publishing on average one a week for the next few months, though to celebrate the relaunch I will be releasing a full story and the first part of a longer piece this week.

I hope you enjoy some of these old stories, or at least you enjoy tearing chunks out of them in the comment threads.

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