Lucida Console’s Dog Days – Vol. 1

A few weeks ago I was passed word of a recording of a tour diary, written by one member of Cornwall’s bangers (Hamish Adams, drums) and read by another (Roo Pescod, guitar/vox). It’s pretty cool.

Back in 2010 bangers toured Europe with Philly’s Dirty Tactics (I caught the Brighton show which I think was only the second time I’ve seen bangers and the first time I saw Dirty Tactics – never let it be said I have my finger on the pulse of contemporary punk rock). I believe this was bangers’ first European punk rock tour and Hamish has documented it here in all its grimy, oft-disappointing but sometimes superlative glory.

The diary is equal parts crass and sweet but always honest, and listening to the spoken word version on my way to and from work entertained me for the best part of a week. Give it a listen over on bandcamp. Hamish’s zine blog is here and you can buy zines from SSR; the almighty Google can lead you to links for the bands or you can search this site for reviews of their past records. bangers have a new EP out, by the way. It’s good.

(My other favourite tour diary is Fucked Up’s account of their early/mid 00s Eastern European tour, on which they played some pretty unlikely places. It was funny as fuck. Unfortunately their blogspot blog has crappy archives and I couldn’t find it in the 10 minutes I spent looking. Weak. Oh no, wait, I just found one of them. Enjoy!)

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