Dissociates – Kick and Shove (video)

So as we all know, because I mention it every six weeks or so, and because it’s on the submissions page which everyone obviously reads before adding my email address to their mailing lists, I don’t do press releases or puff pieces. What I do, or what I used to do before I ran out of free time, is write about records and occasionally gigs. The core of the audience experience, if you will. This is as opposed to telling you that some band you may never have heard of is going on tour, or has a new video out.

Of course, there have been exceptions. And this is one of them. It’s not for any particular reason in this case. It’s just that I actually quite like this song. The chorus is very lovely and hooky in a simple poppy way, but the verses have a bit of a mathy judder to them. Songs with parts, parts for all. It’s very much in the vein of Pulled Apart By Horses and Mclusky.

The video features moving pictures, which mostly appear to be of the band playing in a pub. It’s shot in monochrome so if you are colour-blind, like to attend gigs in pubs, and have a tendency to run around a lot to enjoy the action from different angles, it will be a familiar experience for you.

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