Nostalgia For Infinity: state of the blog address, Jan 2012

So, yeah. It’s been a month since my last proper update here on NFI and this has given me plenty of time to think about what I want to do with the blog. I’m still not 100% sure; I’m a fickle man and I tend to drift between my hobbies, moving focus from one to another every few months. But all the same I think this short break has given me the confidence to accept something I’ve been deliberating over for a while.

I don’t find writing about music very fun any more.

Quite possibly I burned myself out by trying to pump out so many reviews. 172 reviews over the course of two and a bit years is a lot, especially when you consider that they tend to be 500-1,000 words each. Call it an average of 700 and that’s 120,000 words, which is the length of a fairly chunky novel. Most of those reviews were pretty hard to write, too. It usually takes me a while to figure out an angle to come at a record from.

This is not to rule out my writing about music ever again. PRs and bands are still sending me stuff and on the off chance that I’m struck by a desire to write about a particular thing, I will do so. In the future I may even get past my burnout and start enjoying it again, as I did with writing about books. Hell, if I ever find myself going the freelance writing route, it might even be a way to earn some money for my writing. But now we’re getting into pipe dream territory and there are plumbers and goombas everywhere.

NFI as a music site ain’t dead. Like old punks, it just smells that way.

I do have a few things coming up in the near future. I’ll be posting my picks from 2011’s fine crop of music soon and I should also have a short review of the late 70s punk rock doc’ Shellshock Rock for you too. I may dabble in quickfire shortform music roundup reviews; I still listen to loads of new records every month and I like to recommend things to people. I will continue to post things here, though they will be more intermittent.

WTPF Halloween house partyFor the most part, however, I’ve decided that I want to focus on what I find most fun, namely writing for Arcadian Rhythms and playing music with my band, Wrecktheplacefantastic. Writing about games has turned out to be an immense source of pleasure and has generated more interesting conversations than any of my writing about music ever has. Similarly playing music in front of people, getting up on stage, travelling around and meeting people, writing and learning new songs, hitting the studio – all of this is also a lot more enjoyable and creative than writing about records made by other people. So I’m going to focus on these things and get better at them… or at least that’s the plan.

Put another way, the route to happiness is to do what you enjoy most. Since I no longer particularly enjoy writing about music, I’m no longer going to force myself to do so. Since I enjoy doing other stuff instead, I’m going to go and do that. The only real source of sadness is firstly that this feels a bit like the end of an era, and secondly that I feel like I’m letting down the folks who read my reviews regularly (I know there are a few of you out there). I hope you find something to like in my other projects.

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