We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to slack off and get totally crunk

Okay, that’s only, like, a part¬†of it. A few well-deserved beers and whiskies will be involved, but actually now that I’ve run up to the end of the old era of reviewage I’d like to take a brief holiday from NFI. This will probably only last a week, perhaps two at the most. Once I’m back in action you can expect to see my favourite records of 2011, perhaps some of the usual introspective navel-gazing, and a state of the nation address in which I finally explain what I’d like to do with NFI in the coming year. SPOILER ALERT: it’ll probably be less posts overall, but they’ll be better quality or longer.

In the meantime, I hope yr 2012 has gotten off to a good start. It’s a year with a lot to live up to, huh? 2011 was such a nice, inoffensive, pleasant year all round.

Chainsawsuit Baby 2012

* = 2/3 reviews a week, and towards the end I really started running out of ways to say effectively the same thing in a different, exciting way. I had fun trying, though!

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