Creations – The Gospel

Creations coverLast week I wrote a little about how bewildered I was to be sent a number of Christian metal albums to review. I suppose I could have simply chosen to not review them, but I’m game for a challenge.

Some challenges, however, are simply too great. And here we are with The Gospel, by Creations. The band hail from Sydney in Australia and their Facebook page includes this as their mission statement:

Creations embody the gloomy day when humanity murdered Christ; when creator laid His life down for creation, paying the ultimate price for our salvation. The picture is vulgar and the message is offensive; repent and believe the Gospel. We will stop at nothing to “…make disciples of all nations”.

Er, strong words indeed. Normally I’m inclined to express admiration when a band firmly and passionately believes in something, but I’m normally talking about a D.I.Y. approach to music or a dedicated tour schedule rather than a call to unify everyone in the world under one religious creed. That shit is just creepy. I noted in last week’s review that even if I didn’t like their music, Sovereign Strength seemed to be open to a diverse and varied set of philosophies and beliefs within a scene. I really don’t get that from Creations.

Disappointingly, the music isn’t any closer to something I can relate to or enjoy. For the most part all of the songs present are full of rolling double bass kicks and stop start chugs on heavily downtuned guitars. The production doesn’t do the music great favours either; for something so heavy it often lacks impact. That it’s married to lyrics that admonish the listener – “your manufactured happiness / will never be enough” – it’s even harder to like.

No doubt there are people out there to whom The Gospel will appeal. There are moments throughout the album which seem promising – some well-chosen chord progressions that generate a sinister air, or a few cool solos – but on the whole I found it musically bland and thematically alienating. The album doesn’t take me and my beliefs seriously so I struggle to see why I should reciprocate.

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