The Bombpops – Stole the TV

The Bombpops - Stole the TV coverAnd here we are, the very last review of 2011. (I admit that to engineer this feat of scheduling I had to queue this to be posted four hours after this morning’s review of We’ll Go Machete, which I recommend you go read now if you’ve not yet done so.) It’s an emotional moment.

By the time you read this, though, I’ll hopefully be chock full of all the booze and rolling around on the floor alongside the best of times. Happy New Year’s Eve! Happy parties! Whatever! I just hope you’re having a good time and that, if you’re reading this in 2012, that you’re not still feeling the effects of whatever over-indulgence you indulged in.

And so, the Bombpops, a band brought to us courtesy of the label Red Scare Records and the city San Diego. This here is only their second EP, but they’ve managed to hit the nail on the head of the pop-punk formula already. And okay, it’s a formula, and okay, that makes it formulaic, but who cares when the hooks sink so deep and the melodies are so affecting?

Stole the TV ain’t the best example of its form ever committed to compressed petro-chemical, but its a fine one nonetheless. The band have played alongside notorious outfits like Bad Religion, the Adolescents, Strung Out and the Queers among others, and it’s a neat fit for them: it’s as if the 1990s never went away. It’s a backward-looking EP, sure, and could’ve come out any time in the last fifteen or twenty years (bar the production, which is as polished yet unobtrusive as you might hope), but it’s fun. Fun! We all remember fun!

My reviews of pop-punk records have ended up becoming almost as predictable as the music itself; there are few surprises in what I have to say. Still, I hope that by now I’ve built up enough trust as a reviewer to be taken at face value when I say this is a solid example of the form. It probably won’t be your favourite record, and you probably won’t remember it in six months time, but if you like irrepressible and fast-paced melodic punk rock with slick harmonies and pounding rhythm and pretty yet snotty female vocals (lead and backing!), you won’t regret your time spent with the Bombpops.

Merry fucking 2011, folks.

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