Broadcaster – Joyride (EP)

Joyride coverApparently Long Island’s Broadcaster formed in 2010 as “a ‘less business, more fun’ side-project devoted to playing a handful of 90s covers at local shows”, but found themselves taking off from there thanks to a broadly positive reception. It’s not hard to see why; their mid-pace melodic songwriting, liberally peppered with fat and throaty bass, jangly yet rough and ready distorted guitars and pleasantly drawled vocals are a compelling mix.

There’s a Jawbreaker-ish vibe here, to a point: Broadcaster are a more upbeat and fun band, eschewing the progressive edge that always characterised Jawbreaker’s efforts, but having a good time is a noble cause in itself and one that’s reflected in the good-time vibes put out in the four songs present on this EP. In fact, if you smushed Jawbreaker together with Everclear and stripped out the cathartic elements of those bands, you’d not be too far off Joyride, particularly with ‘Atlantic Sea’, which recalls the tide-lapping-at-the-shore rhythms of the latter’s old hit ‘Santa Monica’. That said, for me The Thermals 2009 offering Now We Can See may be a stronger reference point with its mid-pace stride and fine melodic hooks.

Of the remaining three tunes, ‘All Your Friends’ features some nice leisurely lead guitar work, exemplifying the band’s seemingly effortless casual attitude, ‘Vacation Days’ throws about some entertainly everyman lyrics like “coffee and toothpaste mixed in my mouth / it always lingers”, and opener ‘Snow Party’ brings the entertainment the name implies.

On the strengths of the Joyride EP Broadcaster are not a band about which there is a great deal to say, except that they’re good, and they’re fun, and they’re worth your time. For a band that formed around the credo “less business, more fun” I doubt there’s a more fitting accolade.

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