Transit – Keep This To Yourself (album)

My initial impressions of Boston outfit Transit’s second album were not positive: whilst I’m not familiar with their past output I am all too familiar with glossy but derivative punk rock. It’s unfair to judge a band before you’ve given them a thorough chance, of course, but I’ve heard enough identikit songs from identikit bands […]

Run, Forever – The Devil, The Death, and Me (album)

There’s something deliciously simple about The Devil, The Death, and Me, Pittsburgh three-piece Run, Forever’s debut album. That’s not to say that musically, thematically or lyrically there’s anything crude about it, only that it’s a refreshingly honest and straightforward affair given the pompous title. Reference points are obvious from the outset: vocalist Anthony Heubel either […]

NextBiggestThing – Francobollo & Bronze Medallists

Another few months pass, another few tracks come our way courtesy of Next Biggest Thing. I wrote a cursory review of Why Why Peaches‘ ‘Holes’ back in April, and now here’s a double whammy – May brought us Francobollo’s ‘Try?’ and June offers forth Bronze Medallists’ ‘Mathematics’. ‘Try?’ is a quirky track, throwing a fuzzy, stamping […]

United Sons of Toil – When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful

Madison’s The United Sons of Toil contacted me with news of their latest record at what felt like a pivotal time in left politics in the US: the widespread strikes in the band’s home state of Wisconsin by public sector workers seeking to fight a bill that shamelessly stripped them of their livelihoods. To my […]

Run With The Hunted – self-titled (album)

Start as you mean to go on: on their eponymous first album, Run With The Hunted do just that. It also helps if a precedent has been set: you’ll have heard a lot of hardcore records do what ‘Introspective’, the first track, accomplishes here. Fading in with simple lead and some faintly glitchy effects alongside […]

Bangers – Small Pleasures

There are an awful lot of us banging on about Bangers these days. They tour themselves pretty hard and crop up on a lot of bills; to their credit, seeing them doesn’t get old. I last saw them supporting Iron Chic and reviewed the show here; last November I also reviewed their previous full-length, Dude […]

The Winter Olympics – I Miss the 90s b/w This is the Fourth Time (I Have Been In Your House)

The problem with really overt pop-cultural nostalgia is that it’s really easy to be accused of cynical populism. In fact, is there anything more cynical and populist than reminding people of all that shit, that cultural detritus, the forgotten mass produce of capitalism that we once cluttered up our lives with? It was abandoned and […]

Only Thieves – Heartless Romantics (album)

Heartless Romantics, the debut full-length release from Tallahassee, Florida’s Only Thieves, opens almost as it intends to go on. ‘All the Sad Young Men’, the warm, melodic opening track, has all of the key ingredients of the rest of the record: there are some good hooks embedded in it, it has a sound inspired by […]

I’m on holiday!

Yep, between June 12th and 27th I am away on holiday so if you email, leave comments etcetera expect to wait a while for a response. Especially because I’m straight back to work when I return and will be jetlagged, overworked and stressed to uberfuckery for at least a few days. However I’ve also racked […]

Carpenter – Sea to Sky (album)

Carpenter are from Vancouver and their line-up includes alumni of All State Champion, By a Thread and Daggermouth. I only know of the latter myself, mainly from seeing them mentioned on PunkNews and wondering if their name was a Family Guy reference. Funny story huh? But then I guess making jokes about The Carpenters is way more […]