Quick NFI-flavoured update

Chock full of additives and artificial flavourings: Nostalgia For Infinity!

I’ve started posting the occasional piece on Saturdays in addition to the usual Tuesday/Thursday review schedule and Sunday link round-up. I’ve got a buffer of two months of reviews now and have decided to step up my posting schedule.

There are a few reasons for this, the first of which is that there are some records I’ve been wanting to write about but have been sitting on for a while, the second of which is that I’m being sent more material for review these days, and the third is that I’m considering posting more opinion-style pieces about this and that (e.g. the I Live Sweat highlight I did a few weeks ago).

With that said I’m pretty busy these days between the day job, writing reviews for NFI, writing for and running Arcadian Rhythms and playing in Wrecktheplacefantastic, so please forgive me if I miss a Saturday or two. Those Tuesday and Thursday reviews are going to keep on coming the foreseeable future, though, you can be sure of that.

And yes, in case anyone wasn’t aware, it is just me who writes for NFI. A one-man band if you will. Oh, and I still write about books and film occasionally, just less often these days…

As always, readers: thanks for reading!

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