Aged Yummy – Hoi Polloi (single)

Aged Yummy - Hoi Polloi coverA few years back, 2008 or 2009 or so, I saw Aged Yummy at Hector’s House in Brighton, on the basis that one of the band’s members used to be mates with / play in a band with my own band’s then-bassist. At least, this is how I remember the story. My subsequent research (googling) tells me that Aged Yummy hail from Huddersfield whilst my friend was from Bognor / Portsmouth which doesn’t seem quite right. That said, I think Aged Yummy are a university band, so it’s possible I wasn’t wholly wrong. In the interest of complete critical disclosure I should add that I was a bit distracted by the huge and unrequited crush I had on a close friend at the time.

Anyway, all this wryly amusing anecdotal shit aside, I remember being impressed with how technically proficient the band were but not actually enjoying any of their songs. They were a bit different, to be sure, but after being given a free CD I listened to it a couple of times and shelved it.

Fast forward a few years and I read about the band releasing an album, Pacific Reactions, which came out in the middle of last year and was available via Bandcamp (oddly it’s now been taken down so I can’t say whether it was for free or ┬údonation – possibly it’s being prepared for a physical release). I give it a go and I quite like it; six months later this single pops up in my email and I think it’s about time I wrote about the band.

Aged Yummy bill themselves as “progressive / rock / surf” via MySpace’s unerringly accurate genre tagging system, and it’s actually halfway accurate. It’s rock, but not as you know it. There’s a definite surf vibe emerging from the upbeat tone and the direction that some of the experimentation takes… and it’s progressive, a little mathy in places, and cheekily chasing down the ghost of post-hardcore. The band are evidently setting out to do something unique and richly invested in personality.

‘Off Story’, the a-side of this digital single, opens with two guitars and bass picking away at some pleasant melodies backed with a simple drum beat. The vocals really leap out at you: undeniably English, and reminiscent of few other bands beyond the equally distinct Art Brut. The song messes around with the structural conventions of indie rock, retaining the melody and playing around within the form without sinking into navel-gazing territory.

B-side ‘Proper Motion’ is a touch less successful – the backing vocals are a little inaudible so it could perhaps have used a little more production work – but the hooky, melodic yet oddball riffs make a successful return, particularly when one guitar switches over to some quick trem whilst its partners persist with their quick little looping licks. The verses, by contrast, are more obviously mathy in that classic stop-start way.

Aged Yummy are on Run of the Mill records who also play host to That Fucking Tank and Bilge Pump among other northern luminaries, so they’re among the good company they deserve to share. Apparently they plan to release free music for each month of the year with this single representing January (I am not a fast reviewer) so you and I should check in what else they offer up.

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2 Responses to “Aged Yummy – Hoi Polloi (single)”
  1. radian says:

    2009, eh? Was that when they played with Monsters Build Mean Robots and we had their singer play keys along with me?

    He’s originally from down our way, confusion averted.

  2. Shaun CG says:

    It *may* have been, but I don’t think so – we (Wrecktheplace) went to the gig at the behest of our old bassist, and I don’t remember seeing you there. But my memory is terrible.