Next Biggest Thing music club: Why Why Peaches – Holes

I’ve got a longstanding policy of not posting press releases or otherwise doing any kind of PR on this blog: I review stuff or otherwise indulge in creative or critical writing. That’s what I do. However, I’m going to make an exception for Next Biggest Thing. I’ve a few reasons for this. Because it’s a […]

The End of America – Steep Bay (album)

There are times when cultural differences, no matter how small and minor, seem signficant. It’s my conclusion that Steep Bay by The End of America suffers from these – from my perspective, at least. But Steep Bay is an album that remembers the expansive landscapes of North America rather than the cramped rural countryside of […]

After The Fall – Eradication (album)

Even after years of listening to and reviewing music it’s great that there are still little things that can surprise or impress me – like just how much sound and intensity can come out of a three-piece lineup. After The Fall (or Afterthefall?) hail from Albany in the state of New York, the capital city […]

Quick NFI-flavoured update

Chock full of additives and artificial flavourings: Nostalgia For Infinity! I’ve started posting the occasional piece on Saturdays in addition to the usual Tuesday/Thursday review schedule and Sunday link round-up. I’ve got a buffer of two months of reviews now and have decided to step up my posting schedule. There are a few reasons for […]

Come On Gang! – Strike A Match (album)

I’ve previously written about Fortune Favours the Brave, a free single from this album which was released last September, describing it as an uplifting and earworm-hooky piece of indie-pop that should’ve been a dancefloor hit. I’ve rarely got the patience for clubs these days so I don’t know how accurate that prediction turned out to […]

Diamonds – An Introduction (EP)

Diamonds (“The Band”) are a four-piece outfit from the Black Country, composed of members of regional mainstays like Mothertrucker, The Shoguns Decapitator, The Hubble Constant and Fawks. I’ve heard of Mothertrucker but not the other outfits, but then it’s a long time since I lived in the North or went to Birmingham, so that doesn’t […]

Pilotlight – South (digital single)

‘South’ is the first single from Pilotlight’s debut album, The Post War Musical. I’ve not heard the album but according to the press release accompanying this digital single it’s built around a solid theme. Bear with me, for no readily apparent reason I can’t copy and paste text straight out of it… The Post War […]

Annabel – Here We Are Tomorrow (EP)

When Here We Are Tomorrow first came to me for review I had a strong sensation that I’d heard Annabel before. Although I think this wasn’t the case, and I was actually suffering from a bit of ‘music geek’s name confusion’ and thinking of Annalise, alongside recognising their name from their record labels websites, I […]

Cynics – Stones I’ve Thrown 7″

Cynics is Giles Bidder, a musician based in London, who plays “heartfelt acoustic punk”. You want reference points? I’ll give you reference points: Cynics are part of the current, wonderful wave of British punk rock that has also given us Apologies, I Have None, Serf Combat, Calvinball, Bangers and Bastard Rats among others. Acoustic outfits […]

“I think it’s something that’s hard to recognise if you don’t experience it yourself”

Via the I live sweat… zine (ezine? tumblrzine? tumbline? Help me, my portmanteaus are terrible) is another great piece about the lived realities of sexism in the punk scene. It’s the male band members who don’t take you seriously, and when you get upset with how you’re treated, ask you if you’re menstruating. It’s the […]