Into It. Over It & Pswingset – split 7″

Into It. Over It. & Pswingset - split 7" coverThis is the second of two Into It. Over It split releases I’ve reviewed this week; you can find the first review here. At the start of that review I riffed a little on the slightly daft names the two bands had. Well, Pswingset are upholding that tradition in their own way: the “P” in their name is apparently silent.

As with that last release Into It. Over It’s contributions are songs themed around a specific town or city, and they convey simple stories of the singer’s experiences within and memories of these places. ‘Cambridge, MA’ tells of a girl but is not, it appears, a simple and direct love song. Instead, it tells the tale of telling this girl about the woman the narrator loves back home; her habits, hobbies, eccentricities, etcetera. The everyday texture out of which love and shared lives are built. Musically, the song’s a simple one, acoustic finger-picking and soft, slow vocals over rolling drums that loop throughout.

‘Orlando, FL’ is a pacier number, a little more like the band’s presence on the other split, and this one seems to be about shouldering burdens of knowledge, accepting or ignoring what’s going on around the singer, although in what context this is meant to be said I’m not sure – late-night after parties? Infidelity? Secrets between friends? The song itself is pretty catchy and has grown on me over repeated listens.

Sadly I can’t say the same of Pswingset. They offer up two songs here. ‘Everything That Was Tired’ fitting in after ‘Orlando, FL’ nicely and boasting production that is either cheap or an affectation to imitate the recording style of the 90s emo the band adulate. Whatever the reason behind it is, I do like the production, and the song isn’t a bad one – it’s pleasant enough. Unfortunately after half a dozen plays it’s still not resonated with me on any level.

The same is true of acoustic number ‘Thanks For the Record’, a faintly lovelorn tune built of vocals and two acoustic guitars that is competently written, attractively played, stylistically consistent, but about which I have nothing to say because I didn’t find it at all engaging.

It’s a shame that I didn’t get on with Pswingset as it seemed as though all the ingredients for that classic emo/indie sound are in place, but there was no spark. I’ll try them again in the future. Happily, Into It. Over It offer another decent pair of songs, so you may want to pick this up just for those. If you’re a vinyl collector I’d say go for the first, but if you’re acquiring these from Bandcamp then you may as well grab both!

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