Football, Etc. – Away Game 7″

Football, Etc. - Away Game 7" coverJust a quick review for you today, of Midwest indie/emo rockers Football, Etc. The Away Game 7″ came out last September and has recently made its way to me. For context, think back to latter-day emo – after the initial wave of frenetic, chaotic outfits, around the time in the mid-90s when the mellower end of emo and the more delicate strands of US indie-rock began to hybridise. That’s the territory that Football, Etc. are working in, the trail blazed by Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Modest Mouse in their more straightforward moments.

Side A gives us the titular ‘Away Game’, three and a half minutes of slow, steady and despondent vocals, ever so slightly at odds with the mid-pace power chords, palm mutes and picking, if only because of the spritely and warm mid-heavy sound of the guitar. Towards the song’s close the rhythm builds ever-so-slightly, as do the power of the vocals, but that careful pace isn’t upset.

On side B we have ‘XXL’, or ‘XXL Master’ according to my digital copy (someone needs to rename their Bandcamp files :D), which is a little less catchy than its waxfellow but has a nice atmospheric lilt to it. It may not be as memorable but it’s soothing and moreish all the same, its musical and vocal hooks gentle and subtle. In some ways, it’s almost like a Small Brown Bike song being played by CSTVT at 2/3 tempo. By which I mean to say, I like it.

I have to say I’m really digging what feels like a bit of a revival in the more indie-rock oriented end of emo music, and based on this 7″¬†Football, Etc. may be ones to watch.

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