That Fucking Tank – Mr. Blood (video)

A quick Sunday treat for you: in anticipation of their gig here in Brighton on Tuesday I’ve been watching (and re-watching) the video for That Fucking Tank’s ‘Mr. Blood’, a song from an album I reviewed and liked a great deal. That was about a year and a half ago now and was written a […]

The Fuck Hardcore Shows Manifesto

Late last year, whilst meandering through the day’s crop of Tumblr posts, I came across the “Fuck Hardcore Shows Manifesto”. The original post and blog appear to have been taken down, possibly due to the amount of attention, number of comments (many aggressively negative) and reposts it received. Fortunately the nature of Tumblr is such […]

Football, Etc. – Away Game 7″

Just a quick review for you today, of Midwest indie/emo rockers Football, Etc. The Away Game 7″ came out last September and has recently made its way to me. For context, think back to latter-day emo – after the initial wave of frenetic, chaotic outfits, around the time in the mid-90s when the mellower end […]

Yngve & the Innocent – Nothing Was Delivered EP

The frontman of Yngve & the Innocent, the eponymous Yngve, has been performing and recording music for over half a decade, but it was in 2008 that he permanently upped sticks and moved to London from Dublin/county Sligo, with his new band forming soon after. The alt-folk four-piece have been gigging the UK and Ireland pretty […]

The Cold Beat – Get Safe

Boston three-piece The Cold Beat‘s debut album, Get Safe, lays many of its cards down from the outset. The title may be a little unfortunate: there’s nothing on offer here that’s likely to have your jaw dropping, your eyes popping or any other such cliche. The opening tune, ‘Play to Win’, establishes a formula that […]

The Saddest Landscape – You Will Not Survive

Boston’s The Saddest Landscape are  a band with a bit of a pedigree; originally formed in 2002, they released splits with notable outfits like Funeral Diner and shared the stage with a number of contemporary emo and screamo outfits. They split for a couple of years in ’06 and ’07 before reuniting for a few […]

Social media & revolution

On Egypt: “The social media which is championed by those revolving door apparatchiks moving between the State Department and silicon valley (eg) is not organisation itself, but merely a means to it and, as it turns out, a dispensable means.” So quickly forgotten by well-intentioned, excitable futurists! Even among friends I’ve heard more excitable talk […]

Arcadian Rhythms goes live

So! The project I have spent the last few months and especially January working on has gone live and the first content is beginning to appear. Check it out! One thing the internet does not need is another gaming blog. So, here is another gaming blog! We like to play games. We like to drink […]

Bars of Gold – Of Gold!

The press release for Of Gold, the debut release from Michigan’s Bars of Gold, is almost overwhelming in its hyperbolic excitement. It’s a bit of a turn-off if I’m honest, but then I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian wanker when it comes to marketing. In fairness, though, this is the new project from […]

Brontosaurus Chorus – Owls

A slightly embarrassing but amusing anecdote: when I received this for review I got Brontosaurus Chorus confused with Jacob Borshard, because I was introduced to both by the same person at around the same time, and Borshard has a song titled ‘The Last Brontosaurus’. If you’ve heard both bands / artists you’ll recognise how daft this is, since […]