Solar Bear – Captains of Industry (CD EP)

Solar Bear - Captains of IndustryWalking in the deep, dissonant and devastating footsteps of hyperactive post-hardcore giants like Blood Brothers, These Arms Are Snakes, Palatka and Assfactor 4 is no mean feat, but with Captains of Industry Solar Bear have managed it with aplomb.

Opening with a soft yet noisy, busy but muted, distant and tinny intro, the EP explodes into action with ‘The Endless Choir’. Its memorable chorus refrain of “it’s just music, it’s just-just music” pegs it as a fiery song extolling the virtues of the power of music and the catharsis of performance whilst extending a defiant middle finger to naysayers.

It’s followed by ‘Mr Iconoclastic vs. the Captains of Industry’, which by my estimation is a self-deprecating critique of the power of the artist in the face of the authority and power of the establishment. It’s also an unexpectedly danceable number, drums and guitar laying down an awesome rhythm that, in a world where rock clubs didn’t play the same tired old classic rock and nu metal tunes, would dominate dancefloors. “There are people who will never be heard due to the condition they’re in.”

It’s an angry record, taking aim at clear targets – avoiding the oblique lyrical conceits that some post-hardcore bands at the more experimental end of the spectrum have foisted. What Solar Bear have to say, they say clear and loud. But like their predecessors they have produced a collection of songs that sound spazzy, jerky and off-the-cuff but are obviously carefully constructed and tightly played. They’re comfortable deploying all manner of tricks of the trade from across the metal, punk and hardcore spectrums to good effect in these six memorable and powerful tunes.

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