Prismo Perfect – Out of Nowhere

Prismo Perfect - Out Of Nowhere coverNoise-pop trio Prismo Perfect hail from Brest in France, and Out of Nowhere is their debut EP. Or was their debut EP, I should say, as it was actually self-released all the way back in 2009. But what the hell, this isn’t the first time NFI has reviewed something after the event.

So, Prismo Perfect play noisy, fuzzy garage rock with a thick sound and plenty of melody. Contemporaries include outfits like Wavves, No Age, Lovvers and the recently-reviewed Young Adults. The band themselves describe their sound as influenced by 60s/70s rock as well as 90s grunge and punk, plus ambient psychedelia and atmospheric sounds. That should give you a fair idea of what they’re about.

The EP opens with a glitchy intro replete with samples; an acoustic guitar and drums kick in to initiate a hooky rhythm before the band fully segues in from the morass of samples. The vocals sound quite distant, a little buried in the mix – a deliberate conceit, I think, although I’m not so keen on the singer. The pounding, stomping rhythm of the song is pretty catchy and maintained throughout, although there are moments of delicacy, such as a bridge with faint, subtle reverb or delay on picked guitar notes.

That first song sets the tone pretty well. Track two, ‘Summer in the Kitchen’, has a similar vibe but more of a 1-2 rhythm. ‘Dead Shadow’ opens with beefy low-end rumble and feedback plus drums with plenty of crash; after about a minute of affected noise some delicate guitar picks and tambourine claps are introduced, followed by sustained bass and distant feedback. The net effect is quite moody. This steadily builds and, after about another minute, more elements are introduced to the song.

With track four, ‘Enable Stop’, we’re back to the stomping rhythm of opener ‘TV Dream’. If anything ‘Enable Stop’ is catchier and still more danceable. Then the record is rounded out with ‘Wired Feelings’, leading with electronic bleeps and washes – plus the obligatory feedback. As with ‘Summer’ this one has a rocking 1-2 rhythm but it’s underpinned by strong, synthy melody.

Out of Nowhere exhibits a band with a good knack for writing hooky, poppy songs with beefy noise edges. I’m struck by a comment someone else made about Fuck Buttons: that they’re not a noise band doing pop, they’re a pop band doing noise. It’s a remark that could equally be applied to Prismo Perfect and their more-ish take on melodic 00s garage rock.

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