Pontypool (2009)

Well, here’s something I’ve been meaning to write for about five months. The film Pontypool is pretty old news now: I originally heard about it in early 2010 due to its appearance on a ‘Best Horror of 2009’ list, and its original theatrical release was almost two years ago. Question of timeliness aside, I think Pontypool […]

Prismo Perfect – Out of Nowhere

Noise-pop trio Prismo Perfect hail from Brest in France, and Out of Nowhere is their debut EP. Or was their debut EP, I should say, as it was actually self-released all the way back in 2009. But what the hell, this isn’t the first time NFI has reviewed something after the event. So, Prismo Perfect […]

Feldberg – I’m Not Thinking Of You

This will be an extremely short review as it’s of a digital single with no b-sides, clocking in at a meagre 2:22. It’s courtesy of Icelandic music/vocals duo Feldberg, aka. instrumental multi-tasker Einar Tönsberg and singer Rósa Ísfeld, and UK indie label Smalltown America. ‘I’m Not Thinking of You’ is a preciously delicate piece of […]

Sledgeback – Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet is the fourth full-length from Seattle’s Sledgeback, a band with a more interesting than usual backstory: frontman Gabor Szakácsi, ex-Hungary’s C.A.F.B. (Cops Are Fucking Bastards, an alternative to the more-familiar UK acronym A.C.A.B, which you can probably figure out) moved to the US sometime in 2004 not knowing a word of English […]

We Were Skeletons – self-titled

Pennsylvania three-piece We Were Skeletons play frenetic, hectic, desperate, flailing, violent hardcore screamo – or, to put it in the band’s own terms, “mid-tempo choderock”. You know it. Looking at the band’s online presence it’s pretty obvious they don’t take themselves too seriously… yet listening to their tunes it’s clear where the band have invested […]

Solar Bear – Captains of Industry (CD EP)

Walking in the deep, dissonant and devastating footsteps of hyperactive post-hardcore giants like Blood Brothers, These Arms Are Snakes, Palatka and Assfactor 4 is no mean feat, but with Captains of Industry Solar Bear have managed it with aplomb. Opening with a soft yet noisy, busy but muted, distant and tinny intro, the EP explodes […]

2010 in review: more shit about me

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: the 2nd part of this 2-part blog post in which I gaze at my navel and discuss the epic history of some stuff I did in 2010. Part one is here. Other writing & projects It was a very quiet year for fiction. I wrote one flash fiction […]

2010 in review: all about music

A bit late in the day for my 2010 roundup but hey, I’ve been busy. I’ve split this post into two parts to break it up a bit; if you’re wondering where the other bit is, be patient. I’ve scheduled the two posts an hour apart. Music writing! Over the course of 2010 I posted […]

imadethismistake – Bow and Quiver

Straight up confession: I did not dig imadethismistake when I first heard them. On my first listens Bow and Quiver sounded like folky punk/alt-rock which lacked any of the ingredients necessary to hook me in. Fortunately, because I do this for fun and don’t have to churn through reviews after one or less listens, I persevered, […]

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows – Part One (2010)

Title’s a bit of a mouthful, huh? But then, the Harry Potter series is nothing if not occasionally clumsy. I suspect that the Potter series may be the longest-running consecutive series of films, with 8 titles (including the unreleased follow-up to this entry) spread between 2001 and 2011. This excludes James Bond as the films are […]