Let’s Talk Daggers – Blankets

Let's Talk Daggers - Blankets coverEastbourne is a bit of a punchline of a town, a place mostly remarked upon as a retirement destination or the butt of cruel jokes about council housing tenants. The thing about quiet little out-of-the-way towns that aren’t known for producing much of interest, is that every so often they do produce something really interesting. Whether it’s the relative isolation compared to a cultural hub like New York or London (probably less of a factor in the days of widespread internet access and cheap(er) travel) a contrary, fuck-you desire to create something special, or none of the above, it can help get you noticed.

Let’s Talk Daggers are a three-piece hailing from Eastbourne, and they’re worthy of your time and your ears. They play ferocious, mathy experimental hardcore with the chief distinguishing characteristic of being discontent to stay in the same place for long. This, their second EP (following last year’s self-titled DIY effort), exhibits this methodically haphazard approach best with ‘3D Rug’, hopping regularly between disparate, distinct song parts – but still managing to hold together as a strong, contiguous whole. This description could be applied to any of the four songs on offer here, but it’s particularly pronounced in this track, my favourite track present.

Opener ‘Footnotes’ includes some well-judged melodic moments and exits with a classy clean finish, demonstrating that the bands technical skills can be applied with delicacy as well as aggression and violence. ‘No Biz’ introduces an urgent oddball vocal style, yelps and shouts abounding; closer ‘Raina’ demonstrates how well the band can embed good hooks in unpredictably inventive songs.

Blankets is a strong EP and bodes well both for Let’s Talk Daggers and for fledgling Brighton label Tangled Talk records. Here’s to more storming records from both.

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