The Great Explainer – The Way Things Swell (10″ EP)

The Great Explainer - The Way Things Swell The furrow ploughed by Gainesville’s Hot Water Music was wide and deep, and in their footsteps have followed a panoply of young bands inspired by the urgency and passion of their melodic post-hardcore. It seems obvious that The Great Explainer are among this host, counting Chuck Ragan and company among their influences, and with their debut EP The Way Things Swell they’ve established themselves as a distinct outfit with a solid understanding of how to write naturally anthemic punk rock songs.

‘I Finally Found my Dreamboat’s lush guitar and expansive mid-pace chorus are carried up by dual vocals that blend gruff, throaty aggression with soaring clean singing, culminating in an intoxicating mix of hooks. The bridge in closer ‘Michael Jordan 666’ boasts an alluring bridge, stripping back to simple vocals before a lush melody slips in to carry the song away.

Whilst it’s true that you’ve pretty much heard what’s on offer in these four tunes before, that doesn’t really matter with tunes this good. The Great Explainer won’t change the face of music, but they will bring a lot of pleasure to those who choose to listen to them. And of the many bands offering tribute to those that came before, it’s obvious that The Great Explainer are already forging themselves into a forerunner that shares the passion and knack for songwriting of their heroes.

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