Everyone Everywhere – self-titled 12″

Self-titled 12" coverYet another rad US band ploughing a furrow of ambient, emotive music, Everyone Everywhere stand apart from the crowd thanks to a real knack for dynamic songwriting and an evocative warmth that emerges from their musical compositions and lyrical subject matter. Leisurely is another term that applies well to this LP; whilst hardly sedate the listener has the sensation that Everyone Everywhere are proceeding at exactly the pace they wish to. And they would say to hell with everyone else, but really they’re too mellow that, so why not just hang and jam instead?

Sonically they have a buzzy, fuzzy guitar sound with a lot of resonance; there’s minimal gain and distortion here but simultaneously it’s a full sound and far from sparse. Melodic, soothing vocals and some great double-time chord progressions underpinned by a warm, vibrant bass sound and rounded percussion complete the effect. There are quite a few instrumental parts which work really nicely, emphasising when the vocals kick in. Lyrically their singer focuses on personal stories and anecdotes, using them to paint a broader, more universal picture.

A definitely highlight is ‘Raw Bar’, which exhibits some of the aforementioned killer chords, and opener ‘Tiny Planet’ with its extended instrumental intro before cutting right back for the lazily drawled vocal refrain “Oh, I’ve got bigger fish to fry”. There’s a subtle and gentle wit at work throughout as evidenced by the catchy and sly final vocals of closing number ‘Obama House, Fukui Prefecture’: “Warm and comfortable / Purely functional”.

Everyone Everywhere are well worth your time and I heartily recommend you check them out. I’m writing this review at about 11pm after spending 12 hours at work, coming home and working on some freelance copywriting for another few hours, and I’ve found this record’s faintly nostalgic tone, varied songwriting, highly competent yet suitably understated musicianship and easygoing, accessible yet far from banal subject matter to be a great comfort. That’s not to pin the band as a one-trick or one-mood outfit; more that this melodicĀ emo/indie-rock derived music is comfortable and pleasant and will probably resonate with a lot of people, wherever they find themselves whilst listening.

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