Come On Gang – Fortune Favours the Brave (single)

Come On Gang - Fortune Favours the Brave single artworkCome On Gang hail “variously from Brighton, Hastings and the Scottish Borders”, which must make practices a bitch! Ha ha ha. So they all live in Edinburgh now, which is a shame since I live in Brighton and now they”re at the wrong end of the UK for me.

Playing dancey pop music can be a tricky business; there’s a fine line to walk between the risks of being too dull, too disposable, too methodical and too disgustingly hip*. Happily on the strength of ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ Come On Gang appear to dodge all of these metaphorical bullets, with this single being peppered with hip-shaking hooks and crooning vocals that everyone on the dance floor will fall in love with, provided they’re not too busy requesting shitty Kings of Leon tunes.

The song kicks off with an earworm of a verse, all twitchy post-punk guitar and bass with rolling dancefloor drumbeats – the latter being extra impressive live, no doubt, considering that the fantastic vocals are coming from the drummer. Lyrically the song is about the struggle of pushing oneself onwards and upwards despite facing problems and falls, handling it in a way that manages to be simultaneously uplifting, honest and catchy : “if this is being young, it isn’t easy / the sun is in the sky but it’s still raining”. Good work all round.

The b-side is a bit disappointing as it’s a remix (the “HaHaHa rework”) that doesn’t really interest me at all; its best bits are the best bits of the original mix made less good. Boo. Still, don’t let that bother you, the a-side is an awesome tune and should be listened to widely.

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* Oh but we all hate hipsters now don’t we.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that as of last Friday 10th September, this single is a free download and can be found here. Feed your ears!

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